Guide Billionaire

The opportunity to become a monopoly millionaire is knocking, use it! Win your way to fame, endless fun, and fortune as we welcome to the biggest slot game ever. Your favorite game meets the best slot experience that we bring you today called Billionaire, so be on your way to the fortunes.

Playing Game
The more bet lines, you will be awarded with a huge payout:

Billionaire is a five reels slot with four rows and big update in is 1024 paylines. The matching symbols that appear from left to right will pay out. You will see Mr. Monopoly as a stacked symbol, as well as a tall skyscraper and the dog beside his little house. Even the dog owns a property! Jokes aside, more symbols include a shoe, a wheelbarrow, a hat, a cruise ship, an airplane and a limousine

The letter M is the game’s Wild card and it will replace any of the base game symbols if that helps form a winning combination. The Wild doesn’t have the ability to replace the following symbols: Note 20, Note 50, Note 100, Note 200 or Note 500. All wins are formed from the left side towards the right side of the reels; line pays occur on adjacent reels.

Mystery Bills
Five banknotes of different values (20, 50, 100, 200 & 500) can appear as overlay symbols on the reels; if this occurs then all banknotes may change into one value or a mix of the five values. A full screen of banknotes of 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 will also award a multiplier of 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x or 50x respectively.
The Monopoly Reel Spin Bonus is triggered with any 5 Scatter Notes on the reels. You will spin the bonus wheel and possibly win entry into the Utility Bonus or the Go! Free Spins Bonus
The valid of item in The Monopoly Reel Spin Bonus:
Monopoly Reel Spin Bonus will use the corresponding Multipliers to increase the payout value of the related 500.000, 1.500.000, 2.000.000 and 10.000.000 symbols. If the prize indicator stops on any of those elements, the corresponding Payout already boosted by the Multiplier, will be awarded.
In addition,  there is a valuable  ‘’ chest Item" the valid of 1 Line x 10000.

 The pay out is the valid of 1 Line x 10000.
 This feature awards 8 Free spin, every free turn has the opportunity to participate in the GO FREE SPIN BONUS  to receive unlimited free plays.
 Get a special billionaire Spin wheel

Utility Bonus – The Utility Bonus is a pick-me game, where the spinners get to select a hand from Mr. Monopoly and reveal one of three options: Spin, Collect or Collect x2. 
Collect means that the bonus will end, and Collect 2x will double your bankroll and finish the round.
If you choose Spin, a special Monopoly Big Money Reel will spin and award you a credit prize or a multiplier. 

 x2 times the value of the winning coin
 x3 times the value of the winning coin
 Random money value x number of bet coins
Go Free Spins Bonus – awards eight free spins but before each spin a banknote is chosen (including a 1000 value) which will be the only note on the reels for that spin – any notes landing will award a cash prize. 

Three, four or five ‘Go Extra Spin’ symbols award 3-50 extra spins (chosen by a Wheel of Fortune).

3 Scatter : get  Extra Spins 
4 Scatter  : get 5 x sum of bet coin and  Extra Spins
5 Scatter : get 50 x sum of bet coin and   Extra Spins
Extended free billionaire spin reel When appearing from 3,4 or 5 item GO in the free Spin 

When Spinning free turn, the normal free turn will keep the same value, the free turn will be expanded on the turn received when spinning with the value of the money being opened in the free spin.

Monopoly Big Money Reel slot is a thrilling spinning experience, with plenty of bonus action you could never experience in a Slot game.