Guide Super 777

Conquer the entire sea of pirate ships and be the Spin Master in Super 777 Slot. Spin, and win treasure of pirates! Aren't you feeling a sizzling sensation rising down your spines after hearing this word Yes! This is happening with me, and the same will happen to you too as you win treasures in this dazzling game of Slots

Playing game
You can optionally bet line level. The minimum selection is 1 line and the maximum is 5 lines (the higher the bet line, the greater the chance of winning)

Super 777 Slot  is a three reels and 3 row. 1, 2 item are appeared maximum each reel 
+ If the item is in the middle, it appears 1
+ If the item is 2 heads, it appears 2
+ If the item is deviation, it will not be hit

The payout table

Any ITEM can appear randomly in the spin

Bonus Game: During the bonus game, there will be a variety of warships that contain the jewels that will be acquired when the ship is captured. Collect 3 types of jade from the ship to win bonus game.

Bonus Rate:
List of the win line
Special ITEM that you have a opportunity to receive Free Spin and Jackpot 
when you get big win in Jackpot, special effect will be appeared 
As you bet more, the more you will win. Start playing, the pirates will prove to be a lucky charm for you. Come in for a spin and stay to play! Stop waiting, go take the journey and join now for the most authentic slots gaming.