Guide Big2

1. Introduce:
The Big 2 is very similar to Poker, kind of card and value use in poker also use in Big 2. Same as other game, all you need to play all your cards. This game is very simple but you still need to have strategy, there will be a lot of fun.
2. Room creation and Rules:
a. Room creation rules
When creating new room, you must have chips required for the room. There are 6 bet levels to create new room: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500
Time of each turn: When creating new room, you can adjust the time of each turn: 15s, 20s, 30s
b. Rules of the game: 
The game is start and you will be dealt 13 cards. The player win the previous match (or random player that system chooses) will start the game with any combination Big 2 card (describe later). Each turn, all players will try to play a higher combination to beat other player or “Pass” to pass a turn. If 3 players also pass in same turn, the remains player will start the next turn with any combination Big 2. The game end when 1 player runs out of cards.
One combination Big 2 will be:
Single (Trash): 1 card
Pair: 2 cards with the same rank
Triple (Three of a kind): 3 cards with the same rank
Straight: A sequence of 5 cards
Flush: 5 cards with the same suits
Full House: 3 cards with the same rank and 2 other same rank cards
4 of a kind: 4 card with the same rank and other random card
Straight Flush: A sequence of 5 cards with the same suits
In Big 2, the value of card are ranked from the lowest to the highest 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A 2. A card with the higher value will beat a card with lower value. If 2 cards have the same rank, the higher suits will beat the lower suits. The suits of card are ranked from lowest to highest Diamond < Club < Heart < Spades.
Note: A2345 and 23456 are not a legal sequence but JQKA2 is a legal sequence.
All combination can compare:
+ With Full House: Check the value of the triple.
+ With 4 of a kind: Check the value of 1 card that created 4 of a kind
+ With other situation: Check the highest in combination.
All combination with 5 cards can be compared with Poker rules. The lowest is Straight < Flush < Full House < 4 of a kind < Straight Flush is the highest.
All other combination can’t use in the same turn. Example, you can’t use a sequence of 3 cards to play.
When the game is end, Chips will be transfer between each couple based on amount of cards remaining on each player hand.
Example: If A remains 2 cards, B with 9 cards => B must paid for A 7 times of bet chips. If 1 player remaining 10 or more than 10 cards, the chips will paid double.
Hope you have relaxed time when playing this game