Guide Kla Klouk

1. Introduction:
Kdam Klouk is a famous traditional game. Now, live777 has added “Kdam Klouk” into the list of hot game. Kdam Klouk has become famous game because of simple rules and high win rates.
Kdam Klouk is a favourite traditional game in holiday. Quickly, let jump into this whole new game for entertaining and intensely bet. 
2. Gameplay
a. Room creating and rule of creating:
Please choose bet level before playing (Note: You can’t change the bet level during the game)
There are 3 levels to join the room: Ordinary, Vip1, Vip2 . You must select 1 level before joining the room.
Players can adjust the bet level from min to max (based on the bet from beginning).
Beside the normal bet, you can also double your bet by clicking “Order x2”
b. Game Tutorial:
Fish Prawn Crab has a simple rule. This game does’t have a limit of players and round. To begin a round, Dealer will toss 3 dices. After tossing, the result of 3 dices will be in secret until all players have completed their bet. Players can bet on multiple box same time without any chips limit.
Each face of dice will be symbol like Gourd, Crap, Prawn, Fish, Deer, Chicken. Players bet a crab, and player will win if any dice appear with crab.
When all players have completed their bet, dealer will show the result of 3 dices.
Player will win if 3 dices appear with symbols that player already bet. The dealer will pay amount of chips same as chips player has bet from beginning.
Time limit for 1 round bet is 29 second.
+ Single Bet
Each time, player selects 1 (or more) box and bet in it. After that, Dealer will toss 3 dices with animal symbols. Winning symbols are face up symbols. Example, you bet 1000 chips in prawn box and the dice appears with 1 prawn. You will win 1000 chips from the dealer.
The reward will be double if 2 dice that you selected appear and triple if 3 dice appear with symbols you have chosen.
Example: If player bet the fish, dice appears 2 fish and 1 prawn. The dealer must pay double chips that you have bet.
+ Double Bet:
Beside of normal bets, you can also double bet. ( 5 times win rate if dice appear with 2 symbol that you have selected)
In the left and right side, there are kind of bet with 2 animal symbols that you can select it.
You can also select the bet from the middle of 2 symbols. Your bet will be counted as 2 animal symbols.
In the right corner of the table, you will see Bet Rate Table of the previous match:
Hope you have fun when playing Fish Prawn Crab!