Guide Pacman

PACMAN is the game that very familiar to everyone, this is not just famous game in the world but also the game we have played at least 1 time when we were young right ? releases PACMAN game with new interface and whole new reward calculation to other games before. Detailed Information:

1. Game Interface
You bet your chips to play the PACMAN game. Total bet chips are 30 x betting odds.

Max line to play is 30 lines. All win bases on betting odds. All win paid from left to right consecutive or backwards.
All specific paid in this table below:
+ Items from Top Reel:
 Blank: No item appear
 Key: When 3 keys appear consecutive on reel 2 3 4, player will receive lucky spin
 Wild: When this item appears, all items below the reel will change to WILD
3 Icon Scatter appeared (Inconsecutive), player will receive 8 free spins.

List of win line in Free Spin:

In free spins, player have a higher chance to win than normal.
Amount of win line increase from 30 to 90 lines usual.
Fruit Bonus:
Player will receive this Bonus when Scatter items appear on reel 1 and item Fruit appear on reel 5
There are 4 Items Fruit in Bonus Game
Player will get rewared when playing LUCKY SPIN.
Get Item Jackpot to continue playing Jackpot Game

The player must choose 1 of 3 ways for PACMAN and receive random JackPot reward:
Major, Minor or Mini

Winning Jackpot picture:
Hope you have relax time when playing this game!