Guide Teang Len

TeangLen Sihanouk is 52 cards deck game. The game is played with 2 – 4 players. Each player is dealt 13 cards, player who is the faster run out of card will be the winner. 
In TeangLen Sihanouk, the rank of card is from the lowest to the highest 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, J, A, 2 and the suits of card from the lowest to highest ♠ Spades, ♣ Club, ♦ Diamond, ♥ Heart. So the lowest card will be a 3 of spades and the highest will be the 2 of heart.
Basic Term in the game:
Trash: A single card cannot combine to any card. The trash is higher than other trash card when it has a higher rank or with the same rank but the suits is higher.
Pair: 2 cards with the same rank (J, Q, K, A) or same number. The pair is higher than other pair when it has a higher rank or with the same rank but the suits is higher.
Double Pair: A combination of two pair: 33-44 or 55-66, but players cannot play AA-22 or 22-33
The Triple: 3 cards with the same rank. The Triple can beat other triple when it has a higher value.
Straight Flush: Only the straight flush has the higher suits can beat other straight flush.
Example: The player plays a sequence of 234 (No flush), the next player play a sequence of 345 (Flush). The next player mush plays a straight flush of 456 to beat the previous player.
A sequence:  A sequence of card ( more than 3 cards). A sequence can beat other sequence when it has the higher rank or with the same rank but the suits is higher.
1. With the same rank but the suits of this sequence is higher than other sequence:
- A sequence of 6♠7♦8♣ will higher than a sequence of 6♥7♥8♠ because the first sequence have a higher 8 value than the second sequence.
2. With the same amount of card but the value is higher:
- A sequence of 7♠8♦9♦ will beat the sequence of 6♠7♦8♣ because the highest value of the sequence 7♠8♦9♦ is a 9.
Special Case:
- Instantly Win The Game:
+ The four 2s:
+ A double sequence of 5 or 6 pair:
+ The four triple (non-consecutive)
+ A sequence from 3 to 2
+ 12 flush cards (non-consecutive)
+ 4 of a kind: 4 cards with the same rank. A 4 of a kind can beat other 4 of a kind when it has a higher value. 4 of a kind can beat the 2, the 2s, double sequence of 3 but need in rounds to play.
+ Double Sequence of 3: Can beat the 2 or beat other double sequence of 3 when it has a higher value. This combination need in rounds to beat the 2 and other double sequence of 3.
+ Double sequence of 4: 4 consecutive pairs. This combination can beat a single 2, pair of 2, double sequence of 3 and four of a kind without need a round to play.
+ Powerless: Cannot play any card.
1. Table creating and rules:
Bet Limit: When the player creates a new table, amounts of player chips must equal or higher than chips limit of the table. There are 2 bet limit: 50, 100
Time of each round: When the player creates a new table, you can choose time of each round: 15s, 20s, 30s.
Rules: The first winner take all
- Players play with the opposite clockwise direction.
- 3 of spades rules: The player has a 3 of spades can play this card in the first round. Any player play 3 of spades in the last round will win more chips than normal.
- Only the 2 has a higher value can beat other 2 or be chopped by the bomb (The higher bomb can beat the lower bomb)
From the second match, the player win the previous match will take the first play. If the first player get out of the room before starting the match, the game begins with the lowest card.
We understand your passion, so we decide to open Jackpot game in Teanglen. If you lucky to instantly win the game in case: the four of 2, a sequence of six pairs, 4 three of a kind, a sequence of 12 cards, a sequence from 3 to 2... You will receive huge chips with random chips from Jackpot in the table.
Therefore, the game will have more Jackpot for tables with 3 or more players (applied to tables with the Jackpot symbol), the Jackpot win ratio in the table will be as follows: 
Quickly, let's jump into this new Jackpot content everyone!!!
Hope you have fun time when playing our games!!!