Guide Poker Solo

1. Introduction
Poker Slot at is a combination of Slot and Casino with high graphics and simple rules. Live777 just appear a Poker Slot game with new interface and difference payoff table to other games.
Poker is a strategy and mechanic game. You must know how to bet with your current hand. The best hand is a hand with the best combination.
2. Tutorial
+ Player can adjust chips level from min (equal to your bet chips) to max (base on your level that you choose from beginning)

+ Press the “Deal” button

+ You will be dealt 5 cards (you can pick 1 to 5 cards), then choose card to keep. Decide which card you want to keep then “Draw”. Press the “Deal” button again to receive new cards. 

+ If your hand has a win combination, you will win and get paid from the payoff table. Otherwise case, you will lose. 

This is all win combination in poker. They are ranked from lowest to the highest.
- J pair or higher:
1 pair from 2 same cards (pair of 6, pair of Queen…). A pair value must be a pair of J or higher (pair of J, Q, K or A)
- Two pairs:
A hand contain two pairs,and each pair has the same 2 cards.
- Three of a kind:
A hand contains 3 same cards.
- Straight
A hand contains a sequence of 5 cards but not same suits. Example: A, 2, 3, 4, 5 with an ACE being the lowest; 10, J, Q, K, A with an ACE being the highest. 
- Flush:
A hand contains 5 cards with the same suits but not in a sequence.
- Full house:
A hand contains 1 three of a kind an 1 pair.
- 4 of a kind:
A hand contains 4 cards with the same value.

- Straight Flush:
A hand contains a sequence of 5 cards but with the same suits.
- Royal Flush:
A hand contains the highest combination (10, J, Q, K, A) and with the same suits.
You will get paid based on your bet and payoff table.
Winning chips will automatically pay into your account.
Hope you have fun when playing our games!