Guide Fruits Slot

Fruits Slot is a famous fruit game, connect many sweet fruits and let beat thousand challenge level. Your mission in this game is very simple, let find out with. Shall we?
1. Game Display
• You need at least 500 chips to bet this game.
• In the game, player will see a board with 3 columns and 3 lines that contain different images, chips level, bet level on each line and other announcement for player to choose. There is button “Spin”. It’s very simple to play this game, all you need is click on button “Spin”, the game will auto spin images on every reels and stop after few seconds.

2. Bet
• Step 1: Player click on value chips. There are different bet level 1, 5, 10, 50.
• Step 2: Pick Line to choose amount of bet lines. There are 5 lines match with bet value from 1 to 5.
• Step 3: Click on button “Spin” to start the game. Player can click on button Auto Spin so system can automatic spinning with the same bet level player chose before.

3. Payment Table
Each line matching with the chips earn and winning rate:
Number chips winning in this game follow which symbols appear on the same line you bet and chips value that player choose from the start.
Hope you get the most relax time when playing this game.