1. Introduction: 
BooGyi is one of the most popular game in Myanmar because it is very thrilling and exciting. In this game, you can quickly turn your cards into “BooGyi / BooLay” in a certain time according to a mathematical calculation. In card game, the feature of BooGyi is 10, J, Q, K which is a discarded cards and the remaiding cards is dealt 5 cards for each player to calculate to become “BooGyi / BooLay”  .

2. How to play BooGyi and rules: 
 BooGyi is a card game which players can play at least 2 to maximum 7 people in a table.
Firstly, all of players have 15 seconds to start.

Step 1: Depending on how much bets players choose at first to join the table:

Step 2: Dealer will deal 5 cards in which have 1 face down card, players will flip the card and arrange to find the sum of 10 or 20 in  first 3 cards and find the sum of 10 in next 2 cards ( it is called BooGyi).

Step 3: BooLay is the highest card to hit players have “BooGyi”. Each player can try to find sum of 10 in 5 cards that is called BooLay

Step 4: High score: Each player can try to get from the highest score 8/9 to the lowest score 1 in last 2 cards when sum of the first 3 cards is 10 or 20.

Step 5: Dealer will deal for players to compare set of cards WIN/LOSE. Players who have the highest set of cards in the table will win. 

3. Rule to win 
+ Winning Bets:  
+ Single with sum of last two cards is equal to and lower than 5 . 
+ Double with sum of last two cards is 6 or 7 
+ Triple with sum of last two cards is 8 
+ Fourth with sum of last two cards is 9
+ Fivefold with BooGyi / BooLay 
The value score of cards of each player is compared with the value score of others players in the table. The player will win if the score of player is higher than others players, the loser must pay bet amounts multipled by bet rate of the winner.
 - If player who have the same score in the last 2 cards, will compare the high number in their last 2 cards.
- If player win with Boogyi, boolay cards or unarranged cards, will compare the highest card in 5 cards of each players.
Ranking in game: boolay > boogyi> counted points > unarranged cards

+ Hand values: 
10,J,Q,K are eliminated and the value of rest cards are A > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 
Ranking suits -  ♠ >  >  > ♣

The special thing about BooGyi is that there has no dealer and players in the table will play and compare score win or lose with each other easily!
Wish you have a good time with our game!!!