Guide Dracula

Dracula Tutorial
Count “ Dracula “ is one of famous fiction vampire, a villain characters, and a main characters in a famous novel of the world. Now let’s join Game Dracula so we can clearly know this legend characters.

1. Game Display
You need at least chips to bet this game. Total bet must 50 multiply bet coefficient.
Max lines play is 243. All value win must base on bet coefficient.  Line counts as win when it adjacent left to right or opposite.

2. How to play
- Activate “Black Whirlpool” turns :
When reels were activated. Black Whirlpool will increase symbols, winning line, WILD item and drop rate of winning symbols is higher.
- Expand “Black Whirlpool”:
When more Whirlpool symbols appeared, Black Whirlpool will expand with higher winning rate.

- Special Symbols :
Sapphire Bottle: Represent Free Spin. Get 5 Sapphire accumulation when activated Black Whirlpool turns. Sapphire is in reels 2,3 and 4 in Black Whirlpool turns. Get Free Spin corresponding to number of Sapphire accumulate when expanding Whirlpool in 5 reels.
Ruby Bottle: Represent Wild symbols accumulation. Get 2 Ruby accumulation when activated Black Whirlpool turns. Ruby will add when you started to play Free Spin turns and appeared randomly in Free Spin. Ruby may appear in reel number 1 to number 5 in Black Whirlpool turns.
Wild Symbols: Substitutes for all symbols except Whirlpool and Sapphire, Ruby bottle symbols. Wild just appear in reel that activated Whirlpool and Free Spin. Appear at reels 2,3 and 4.

- Free Spin:
After finish Black Whirlpool turns. If you can expand Black Whirlpool in five reels, you will get Free Spin same as number of sapphire you have accumulated.

- Free Spin buying features: 
Pay 20.000 chips to buy Free Spin turns with Card Game represent for Wild and amount Free Spin you can get.


- Winning Combination:
All win pay when 3 symbols adjacent from left to right and opposite. All win pay left to right if 5 symbols adjacent left to right.
- High Winning Symbols:
- Small Winning Symbols:
Hope you get the most relax time when playing this game.